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Version: multi-v3

Identities Overview

Identities represent the customers who use the financial services you offer within your application. A corporate identity represents a business entity, while a consumer identity represents an individual person.

Due Diligence

You need to onboard your customers onto Weavr before they can use any financial services.

Weavr lets you embed an identity verification process. For consumer identities, it is called Know Your Customer (KYC) and for corporate identities – Know Your Business (KYB). This process lets you seamlessly and securely verify your user’s identity and all you need on your end is just a few lines of code. Weavr will ask your users to submit the necessary information and documentation so that they can get approved by our financial providers.

Supported Countries

Weavr supports onboarding corporates and consumers residing in the following countries:

CyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
SloveniaSpainSwedenUnited Kingdom


Weavr supports 2 types of users:

  • Root user is the individual who is creating the identity. In case of corporate identities the root user needs to be a legal representative of the corporate such as a director or a representative who has the power of attorney over the company while for consumer identities, the root user is the owner of the identity.
  • Authorised user is an individual that has been invited by the root user to manage the identity's instruments and transactions.

Every identity must have a root user, and optionally can have an unlimited number of authorised users.


Application-specific permissions to limit what each user can view and do need to be implemented in your application.

Start with a guide

Register and verify a corporate

Register and verify a consumer