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Version: multi-v3


Create and manage cards for your corporates or consumers.

Weavr Multi supports two types of cards:

  • Virtual cards, which are created instantly and can be used for e-commerce and online purchases.
  • Physical cards, which are printed or embedded in wearables and sent to your customers directly.

Weavr’s virtual cards are issued through the Mastercard network and are automatically enrolled in the 3D Secure program for increased security and limited fraud risk.


Cardholders are individuals or business entities that will own the cards and the funds on them. Before you can issue cards for them, you need to onboard them on Weavr. This includes completing a KYB process for corporates or a KYC process for consumers. You can learn how to onboard your customers in our guides: onboard a corporate or onboard a consumer.

Handling Card Sensitive Data

The full card number, CVV, and card PIN are considered PCI-sensitive data and therefore need to be transmitted and stored securely. Weavr’s security model offers an out-of-the-box solution so that this information never touches your server and you can comply with the lowest level of PCI compliance. You can learn how to use Weavr’s security model here.


If your company and application are already PCI DSS compliant, you can opt out of using Weavr’s security model and instead receive sensitive data in plain text.

Card Modes

A card mode determines the way the card accesses the funds. Weavr Multi supports two card modes:

Plastic Cards

With Weavr, you can issue, print, and deliver plastic cards to your customers with your own customised card design. Learn about the customisation options offered by Weavr and find out how to set up your plastic cards here.


Cards issued via Weavr Multi can be embedded in wearable payment devices. You will need to upgrade a virtual card to a physical card so that it can be embedded in a wearable, following the same process as the one required to issue a plastic card.

Retrieving a card's transactions statement

You can view the list of transaction entries on a given card by obtaining the managed card statement


Contact our support team for more information on how to launch a solution using wearables.