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Version: multi-v3

Onboard a Consumer

Register your consumer customers using the Weavr Multi API. Your customers need to complete due diligence before they can start using any financial services.

You can onboard consumers in 5 steps:

  1. Register a consumer identity
  2. Set the consumer’s password
  3. Verify the customer's email address
  4. Enrol the customer's mobile device
  5. Submit due diligence information/documents to verify the consumer

1. Register a Consumer Identity

A consumer represents a person that can be provided with financial services such as cards or IBANs. To start the onboarding process, create a consumer by providing your consumer’s personal information.

Your API Key

You can find your API key in the Multi Portal. Learn more about authentication and how to obtain your API key here.

Weavr returns the consumer object that contains the information you provided together with the id, which is used to identify this particular consumer in subsequent API calls.

2. Set the User’s Password

To set a password, you need to use a different API – not the one that you used to create the consumer.

Non-PCI Compliant Innovators

If you are not PCI compliant, you cannot handle your customers’ plain-text passwords. Instead, you must tokenise passwords. Find more information on how to transmit data securely here.

3. Verify the Consumer’s Email Address

The consumer must verify their email address before they can start using their account.

You can start the verification process using the API, the consumer will receive an email sent to the email address that you provided when you created the consumer.


To send the verification email, the consumer does not need to be authenticated.

Email Verification

After you start email verification, the consumer will receive an email message that contains a URL. You must create a page in your application to which this URL will point to. On this page, you must allow the consumer to input the verification code they received in the email.

Configure Your Application’s Base URL

For the email verification to work, you need to configure your application’s base URL. Find more information on where and how to configure it here.

Verify the email address of the consumer by submitting the verification code that the consumer received in the email and then submitted to your application.

4. Enrol the Consumer's mobile device

The consumer must enrol their mobile device before they can start using their account.

You can start the enrollment process using the API. The consumer will receive a text message (SMS) on the mobile number that you provided when you created the consumer.


To send the verification text message, the consumer must be authenticated.

Verify mobile device

You must build a page in your application where the user will be able to enter the verification code that they received in the text message. Then, you need to submit the verification code using the API.


To verify the verification code, the consumer must be authenticated.

5. Enrol root user on alternative authentication factors (optional)

Weavr offers additional authentication methods other than sms. The enrolled authentication method will be used instead of sms once the enrolment is complete. Customers can be enrol in new authentication methods using the below endpoint.

The customer should then accept the push notification received on the device.


We currently offer sms and Twilio Authy authy as available authentication factors. More channels are coming soon.


Twilio Authy must configured as active in the consumer profile in order to enrol consumers to use this authentication method

6. Submit Due Diligence Information/Documents

With Weavr, you can embed a UI component in your application, which will capture all of the information and documentation required for KYC. Your user will not need to leave your application.

The following information will be captured as part of the due diligence process:

  • Identity (e.g. copy of the ID card or passport)
  • Liveness check (selfie)
  • 2 x proof of address (e.g. a recent copy of a utility bill or a bank statement)

The following documents are accepted as proof of address for individuals:

  • Utility bill
  • Recent bank statement
  • Tax-free allowance certificate
  • Formal documentation from government (e.g. resident permit, voting document, etc.)
  • Online register of electors
  • Building or contents insurance certificate document
  • Driving license showing the address
  • Mortgage letters

Trigger the KYC process by calling the API:

Weavr returns the reference parameter in the response body. Use this value to initialise the KYC UI component. You can find more information on the KYC UI component here.

You can get updates on the consumer’s KYC status by listening to the consumer KYC webhook. You can find more information on how to integrate with Weavr’s webhooks here.

Adding Additional Authorised Users

Apart from the owner of the consumer identity, additional users can be authorised to access the consumer identity. Find out more information on how to authorise additional users here.