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Version: multi-v3


Create and manage physical cards for your customers using the Weavr Multi API. You can print physical cards or embed them in wearables and send them directly to your customers.

Set Up Your Card Programme

You can customize physical cards to match your branding. Before you can issue physical cards, you need to setup your card programme. This includes preparing your artwork, choosing the right card material, finishing, and selecting a card carrier. Read more on the different options offered by Weavr in the plastic card setup guide. Additional fees apply.


In your application, you can set up multiple card programmes with different artworks.

Create a Physical Card

To create a physical card, you need to first create a virtual card and then upgrade it to a physical card. After you set up your card programme, you can upgrade any of your virtual cards to physical cards.

To upgrade a card, you need to specify the productReference and carrierType properties. These fields identify the card stock and card carrier to be used.

Card Sensitive Information

The card PIN is considered PCI-sensitive data and needs to be tokenised if you are not PCI compliant. Learn how to securely capture your user’s preferred PIN using the capture card PIN UI component.

The physical card details are returned to you in the response.

Activate a Physical Card

Physical cards are sent in an inactive state and the cardholder must activate them before first use. The cardholder needs to specify the activationCode to activate the card. The activation code is returned in the API endpoint response when creating a physical card and may also be printed on the card carrier.

Retrieve the Physical Card PIN

Physical cards issued by Weavr are chip-and-PIN cards. When the cardholder makes a purchase at a physical point-of-sale, they must input the PIN associated with the card as an additional security layer.

Weavr allows your customers to specify a personalised PIN when creating a physical card.


If the cardholder does not specify a PIN when creating the card, Weaver assigns a randomly generated PIN to the card.

You can retrieve the card PIN using the Weavr Multi API.

The card PIN is returned in the response, tokenised. You can display the plain text card PIN to your customers using the show card PIN UI component.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Weavr Multi lets your customers report a lost of stolen card through your application, using the Weavr Multi API.

When a card is reported as stolen, it is destroyed immediately. Any funds on the card’s balance can be transferred to another instrument using the transfer transaction.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Card

You can replace a physical card that has been reported lost or stolen with another physical card. When a card is replaced, Weavr creates and ships a new physical card. The details of the newly created card are returned in the response of the API endpoint and any funds on the lost or stolen card are automatically transferred to the new card.

Replace a Damaged Card

You can replace a physical card that is damaged and cannot be used at a point-of-sale with a new card. In this case, the card details such as the card number will not change and the cardholder can still use the current card for online purchases while waiting for the new physical card to arrive.