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Version: multi-v3

Virtual Cards

Create and manage virtual cards for your customers using the Weavr Multi API. Virtual cards are created instantly and can be used for e-commerce and online purchases.

Onboard an Identity

You must assign a virtual card to a corporate or consumer identity before the card can be used. The owner of a card is also known as a cardholder.


Onboard corporate identities by following the corporate identity onboarding guide and consumer identities by following the consumer identity onboarding guide.

Log in an End-User

To create a card for an identity, you must log in an end-user belonging to the identity. You need your API key and an active end-user authentication token to create a card. Read more about authentication in the authentication guide.

Stepped-up Token

Creating a managed card requires the end-user to perform two-factor authentication, therefore your active end-user token is required to be stepped-up. For more information please read step-up authentication.

If you are using a one-time password via text message authentication method, then use the below endpoints.


the logged-in user must have enrolled their mobile device for strong customer authentication.

This will trigger an SMS to be sent to the end-user. Your application must have a page available where the user can enter the verification code provided in the text message. You must provide the code to the below endpoint.

If you are using a push notification mechanism like Twilio Authy, then you can use the below endpoint to send a push notification to the end-user's enrolled device.


Currently two channels are supported either sms or authy. More channels will be added in the future.

Create a Virtual Card

Create a card for the logged-in identity.

To create a card, you need to provide the profileId. You can find your card profile IDs in the Multi Portal > API Credentials section. Card profiles contain configuration that determines the behaviour and properties of the card.

You can create virtual cards in prepaid or debit mode. This determines the funds that the card has access to. Read more about the different modes in the card modes guide.

In the API response, Weavr returns the card details of the newly created card.

Card Sensitive Information

The card number and CVV are considered PCI-sensitive data and therefore will be returned to you tokenised. Read more about how to handle card sensitive data in the card sensitive data guide.