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Version: multi-v3


Multi has three layers of authentication:

  1. Account authentication is used to identify and authenticate your Multi account. All API requests and Weavr’s UI components require account authentication.
  2. End-user authentication is used to authenticate the corporate or consumer identity within your community. Almost all API requests and Weavr’s UI components require end-user authentication.
  3. End-user step-up authentication is an elevated end-user token generated via a second-factor authentication required when performing certain API requests which reveal account, transaction and sensitive payment information. This is required in view of the PSD2 regulation.

Depending on the type of operation you are trying to execute, you may be required to either:

  • provide account authentication only or
  • provide account and end-user authentication or
  • provide account and step-up end-user authentication (step-up refers to an end-user token where two-factor authentication was performed)