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Version: multi-v3

Push Application to the Live Environment

Weavr Multi allows you to integrate and test your application in a Sandbox environment before moving it to the Live environment and onboarding your customers.

To push your application to the Live environment, do the following steps:

  • Fill in a project application form
  • Verify your business (KYB)
  • Review the application to ensure that you followed the guidelines

You need to set up your application configuration (for example, spend controls) in the Sandbox environment so that we can review and approve it.


Contact an expert to start this process.

Once you complete these steps, we will push your application to the Live environment.


You cannot modify your application configuration in the Live environment. Instead, you must first make changes in the Sandbox environment, we must review and approve them, and then we will push them to the Live environment.

Charges apply for every push to the Live environment.