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Version: multi-v3


You can configure webhook endpoints via the Multi Portal, so that you are notified about events that apply to your customers, such as card purchases, completions of due diligence processes, transaction state changes, or receipts of deposits.

To use webhook notifications, you need to implement an endpoint that listens to events from Weavr. Weavr will always send webhooks using a POST request with the event details included in the request body.

You can find the full list of published webhooks here.

Configure Your Application Webhook URL

To start receiving webhooks, you need to switch on webhooks and configure the endpoint to which Weavr will be sending the event details via POST. You can do this in the Multi Portal by navigating to the Settings > Application Details section.

Webhooks configuration

Verify the Authenticity of a Webhook Request

To verify the authenticity of a webhook notification, generate a local signature and compare the value of the signature parameter of the received webhook with the local signature.

To generate a local signature, hash the published-timestamp parameter received in the webhook request together with your API key using the HmacSHA256 algorithm, and then encode the resultant hash using base64 encoding.