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Version: multi-v3

Open a Multi Sandbox Account

When you register for a Multi account with Weavr, you get immediate access to the Sandbox environment so that you can start building your application. You get an API key to start interacting with our API straight away. The Sandbox is a testing environment where all accounts, cards, and money are artificial.

1. Sign up for a Multi Sandbox Account

Open a Sandbox account so you can start integrating your application with Weavr Multi and experiment with artificial money.

2. Choose Your Payment Model

A payment model is a set of pre-configured financial services, identities, and funds flows. You must choose one of the three standard payment models, depending on how your application will work.

  • Choose Consumer Payments if your application will be used by consumers. This model helps you make sure that your application follows due diligence processes, in particular KYC (know your customer). Your consumers will be able to get accounts (with IBANs) and create cards funded through such accounts.

  • Choose Business Purchasing if your application will be used by businesses rather than consumers. With this model, you will be able to handle due diligence processes, such as AML (anti-money laundering) and KYB (know your business). You must follow such processes before businesses (your customers) can have access to accounts (with IBANs) and cards funded through such accounts.

  • Choose Business Payouts if your application will be used by businesses that need to send funds to consumers. This model handles both businesses as well as consumers, and ensures that you follow the relevant due diligence processes. Businesses (your customers) get accounts (with IBANs), add funds to them, and then send funds to consumers which can be redeemed by creating consumer cards.

Refer to Application Payment Models for more details on the above payment models.


If you are unsure which payment model to choose or you need a different solution please contact our support team. We will help you create a custom model that fits your needs.

3. Access Your Multi Portal

Verify your email address via the link that was sent to you and access your Sandbox portal. Save your API key and profile IDs, which are displayed in the API Credentials section of the Sandbox portal – they will be required to perform API calls.


The API key and profile IDs are valid only for the Sandbox environment. You will get a different set for your Live environment.